Architectural design firm based in Chania, Crete.

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Our philosophy is simple: We focus on our clients’ vision and through our expertise, we develop it into an extraordinary project.

As we believe in the importance of uniqueness, we pay great attention on the analysis of each project’s special features. By working closely with our clients, we always manage to reach the departure point (“parti”) of their vision’s development.


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We provide a full package of services tailored to your needs.

We start each project with a blank sheet of paper. The information drawn from the meetings with our clients is composed into an architectural whole with classic and contemporary design features. The process includes a preparatory study with sketches and blueprints, photorealistic 3D renderings and an application study along with a financial data collection.

We offer complete interior design services for any type of property. Lighting, colors, materials, objects and furniture are designed and composed in a way to deliver an interior decoration concept.

Together with our established network of specialists and being fully aware of the applicable law, we provide all the licensing process paperwork required.

Together with our established network of specialists, we always manage to deliver turnkey solutions.


What makes a Hotel Room special?

Extraordinary hotels are not only defined by their aesthetics but also by the story they tell, their “concept”. In our catalogue “Hotel Room Projects 2017-2018”, you will find hotel room constructions and renovation studies.