Project Description

Holiday homes in Agios Onoufrios, Crete

These north-east facing, ocean view holiday homes are located in an area outside the city of Chania.

The architecture study is focused on the addition of a new building, for holiday accommodation purposes, in an existing structured land and their exterior design development.

The new building presents a single construction that can be divided into two independent ones. The 180m2 one, is developed in three levels, while the smaller one (73m2) is on the ground floor. Both of them, as well as their private semi-outdoor and outdoor areas, are facing the ocean.

The floor plan composition, is focused on the exploitation of the entire property. Two discrete volume buildings, are placed and connected through a staircase, in such a way that the nature and the semi-outdoor spaces can penetrate, creating an occupancy-vacancy agreement.

A major concern was the style of the new building to not differ appreciably from the existing pitched roof one. Therefore, the existing roof inclination is “transferred” to the roof of the new building, in a more modern way in terms of shape and materials used. Simplicity, subtraction and linearity are only some of the features of the new building. Additionally, the distinguished masses that are being created, are allowing the planting to grow through their indents. Nature is becoming a vital part of the synthesis process, sometimes acting as a separator element and others as a meeting point.

Project: Holiday homes

Project type: Addition of a new building

Location: Agios Onoufrios, Chania, Crete

Interior area: 250 m2

Exterior area: 570 m2

Year of study: 2020

Estimated year of construction: 2021

Architectural Study: Parti Architecture

Structural design: Τεχνικό Γραφείο Ευθυμίου

Mechanical study: Paterakis Energy

Construction: Paterakis Energy

Exterior design and lighting: Parti Architecture

Editing and architectural rendering: Parti Architecture