Project Description

Holiday home in Stavros, Chania, Crete.

This old holiday home is located in Stavros area, Chania; after its renovation, the building regains its peace and tranquility status. We kept the original interior design, and maintained some of the existing furniture. The exterior is redesigned, resting and dining areas are added as well. The planting design marks the outdoor lines, while it harmoniously meets the Mediterranean landscape.

Project: Holiday home

Project type: Renovation

Location: Stavros, Chania, Crete

Interior area: 90 m2

Exterior area: 450 m2

Year of study: 2018

Architectural Synthesis (interior and exterior): Parti Architecture

Interior design and lighting: Parti Architecture

Editing and architectural rendering: Parti Architecture

Holiday home renovation,Sketch of our exterior proposal. Μερική ανακαίνιση, παραθεριστική κατοικία, σχέδιο εξωτερικής διαμόρφωσης.Holiday home renovation,Render of our exterior and interior proposal. Μερική ανακαίνιση, παραθεριστική κατοικία, απεικόνιση της πρότασης.