Double room in a City Hotel

This 18.5 mcity hotel room can accommodate up to two people. It is designed for different types of visitors, such as friends, couples and families.

The design is inspired by the modern city life style. Motion is used as an ergonomics and efficiency tool; as a result, by making a few minor changes every time, this room can be adjusted to the number and the needs of its visitors.

The aesthetics of the room in terms of simplicity, colors, materials’ and motifs’ combinations, are evocative of a playful and peaceful place in the city.

Project: Hotel room

Project type: Renovation

Location: Chania

Interior area: 18.5 m2

Year of study: 2017

Architectural synthesis: Parti Architecture

Interior design and lighting: Parti Architecture

Editing and architectural rendering: Parti Architecture

  • City hotel room, floor plan. Δωμάτιο αστικού ξενοδοχείου με δυνατότητα συνένωσης, κάτοψη.